Good evening all !

 LITTLE ones rant lol 

Who am I kidding! It has been a wirl wind of a day! 

First a two hour delay for school followed by a day at the dentist for the oldest..

And here in the "studio" I have had two great helpers all day trying to help finish a few orders!! I love them dearly but it is so much quicker when I can just get it done alone... with out the back and forth tug of war over who is going to help me take the pictures. The day would NOT be complete with out my oldest (6) telling my youngest (3 1/2) 13 times that he was 1st born. :) KIDS got to love em.

The 2 hour delay was due to a little bit of snow we woke up to.. can't complain here in new england we usually would have had a few feet by now. Although it has been cold but compared to other cities and past years here its nothing. 

Ooo.. Also I updated the listings in etsy we will be personalizing some coozies! For wedding favors or gifts!  

As always we can customize anything for you just send me a message! 

<3 Have a good night all.

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